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FEEL Secure

Home and Business Security Systems from Communitech

Home & Business Security Systems

Burglary is a violation of personal space, and the after-effects can be devastating. A home or commercial alarm system is an excellent deterrent and will provide much-needed peace of mind. 

Sadly, some people take pleasure in invading our lives, stealing prized or valuable possessions, damaging our property for no good reason and potentially harming those who would try to stop them. The long-term psychological effects can be hard to live with. 

The majority of properties are easy pickings for opportunist burglars and thieves.

Our instinct is to want to protect our families and our property yet, outside of trying to remember to lock doors and windows, the majority of homeowners take little or no precautions.

Protecting People and Properties

Most of us cannot be in our properties 24/7, but we still want to know it is safe and protected at all times. Information is everything, and we want to know what’s going on whether we’re at home or away. A state-of-the-art, internet-connected alarm system will keep your property secure and keep you fully informed.

With a tailored home or business security system, you will feel safer and more secure, knowing your family and belongings or business premises and equipment are well protected. 

Smart Technology

All our security systems allow remote activation and notification from a smartphone or tablet. So even when abroad you will have visibility of your property and options to protect it from one single touchpoint.

Not only are our security systems state of the art, but we also offer police monitoring solutions.

We supply and fit high-quality security equipment including HikVision CCTV, Arlo and Nest wireless camera systems, Ajax and Texecom home and commercial alarm systems.

Quality Assurance

Our combined experience in fitting alarms security systems, CCTV and door entry systems spans more than 30 years. We have installed high-quality electronic security systems to small apartments, both new-build and existing houses, and large-scale properties with many rooms over many floors. 

We have a reputation for leaving a property looking as though nothing has been done – if there’s a way to hide a cable in a floor, ceiling or any void, we will find it! Our starting point is always to assume that not a single cable will be visible when the installation is complete.


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London: 0208 660 2174

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