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Home and Business Security Systems from Communitech

CCTV Systems for Home & Business

CCTV Systems and Installation

Burglars hate CCTV as they know it makes the risk of positive identification very real. A CCTV system is a practical solution and can be extremely effective in preventing illegal activity, or identifying those who commit the crime.

Constant visibility over your home or business, even when you’re not there, is easy to achieve with today’s technology. You will have full remote access to the CCTV cameras fitted inside and outside your property, from your mobile phone, tablet or PC, anywhere in the world.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security cameras significantly improve your home & business security, deterring intruders and protecting from theft and break-ins. We can tailor a CCTV solution to suit your specific needs.

CCTV cameras operate day and at night, with night vision made possible with the use of in-built IR (infrared) light sources. Discrete cameras can be fitted inside a property, sometimes even hidden inside everyday objects if you prefer them to be unobtrusive.

External CCTV cameras are more effective if they’re highly visible and can be fully controllable if they have pan, tilt and zoom functionality. All of this is possible from a standard smartphone or tablet.

CCTV surveillance systems can be installed anywhere, inside or out, and are highly effective for:

  • Deterring intruders and preventing theft
  • Providing a sense of security and wellbeing
  • Recording incidents and providing evidence
  • Managing staff and monitoring health & safety
  • Improving productivity amongst employees

We customise, supply, install and service CCTV systems for your home or business which can include:

  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Day and night (infrared) recording
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) and covert cameras
  • High definition digital video recording
  • IP security cameras with smartphone video monitoring
  • Integration with alarms, home automation and monitoring services

Temporary Security Camera Rental:

If you need security cameras for a short-term project or an event, we supply CCTV camera systems on a short-term rental basis.

If you would prefer not to buy a security camera system outright, with our convenient CCTV rental service, we can install temporary CCTV surveillance systems to suit the needs of your project or event.

Our CCTV rental service allows CCTV systems to be installed, rented on a daily basis, and removed at the end of the project or event. We also offer portable CCTV systems for rapid deployment in remote areas.

Video Entry-Phone Systems:

A video entry-phone system can be essential for the elderly or vulnerable people as it enables them to see who’s outside without having to open the door. Many property owners choose to have them fitted simply to provide an extra layer of security. This is particularly important where young children are present or for those who live alone.

Video entry systems can be a hard-wired system or fully wireless and battery-operated, such as the popular Ring Doorbell systems or the Nest Hello door entry system. These are easily installed and configured to work directly with a mobile phone (even multiple mobile phones) so that you can see who is calling whether you’re at home or not.

Quality Assurance and Experience:

Our engineers are considerate and respectful of all properties. We are known for completing an installation, however small or large, and leaving it looking like nothing has been touched. We have a reputation for hiding cables in ceiling, voids, floors – anywhere that’s possible to keep it out of sight.

The experience of our technicians combined is more than 30 years, and our installation range from new build houses, flats and all types of commercial property. We have completed many installations in large-scale properties spanning many floors and with multiple rooms.

CCTV Camera System Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance:

Communitech engineers provide a full maintenance and support service for our customers, to ensure the CCTV equipment is always working as it should and performs correctly.

Changing seasons and harsh weather can affect CCTV systems, which need cleaning, readjusting and maintaining at peak operating performance.

Peace of Mind and A Sense of Security:

Potential problems with CCTV systems that can deteriorate over time if not attended to will continue to worsen. Faults may occur that would go unnoticed without being checked by an engineer. Taking advantage of our regular maintenance service contract will give you peace of mind that your CCTV equipment will continue to function as expected.

Insurance Claims:

If a home or commercial CCTV camera system fails to record events because it has been affected by weather or accidental damage, this may affect your ability to make an insurance claim after an event.

Communitech’s Services Include:

Home Alarm Systems / Commercial Alarm Systems / CCTV Camera Systems / Door Entry Systems / Video Doorbell Systems / Access Control / Help & Advice / Equipment Sales / Repairs (not equipment) / Maintenance Plans



London: 0208 660 2174

South East: 01293 226111

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