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FEEL Secure

Home and Business Security Systems from Communitech

Farm Buildings & Rural Security

Protecting Farm Buildings, Stables and Livestock

The risk to rural and farm properties from theft, vandalism and arson continues to increase. Open land, in particular, is at extremely high risk of invasion from individuals and communities wanting to take-up illegal occupation.

Communitech has worked extensively with farmers and large landowners for 20 years. We have developed a strong understanding of the needs and requirements, enabling full security and visibility over property and land, all from a smartphone or tablet and accessible anywhere.

The welfare and security of animals is paramount, possibly more so for livestock of high value. Livery yards are particularly vulnerable, where illegal intrusion presents a number of high risks to both property and livestock, including theft and malicious damage.

Security in these areas can play a big part in helping to guard against intrusion, as well as providing much-needed peace of mind.

We provide security and CCTV services for arable farms, dairy and cattle farms, through equestrian arenas and smallholdings. We’ll help you keep an eye on everything with a hassle-free security system so that you can get on and run your business.

Electronic Security and CCTV systems provide multiple benefits for remote locations and property

  • See what’s happening across on your farm, property and outbuildings, wherever you are
  • Receive alerts immediately a system is triggered, based on predetermined settings
  • Setting audible and/or video triggers when access points to stock are crossed
  • Protection for high-risk areas such as fuel storage or farm equipment sheds

Additional benefits include:

  • Night-vision capability using infrared technology
  • High definition digital video recording
  • 24/7 dedicated alarm monitoring
  • Monitoring wellbeing and health & safety for staff
  • Full wifi coverage across your farm and remote buildings
  • State-of-the-art technology

Providing Security for Farmers and Landowners:

Communitech has been working with landowners and farmers, protecting rural properties for over 20 years, and we’re very good at it. We understand the complexity of layouts, multiple buildings and the need for increased communication via wifi, so will design a system to match your unique requirements.

We provide security and CCTV services for arable farms, dairy and cattle farms, through equestrian arenas and smallholdings. We’ll help you keep an eye on everything with a hassle-free security system so that you can get on and run your business.

Quality Assurance and Experience:

Our extensive knowledge and friendly, professional approach is matched by the high standard and quality of the work we carry out, on which our reputation is built.

Collectively, we have more than 30 years’ experience in electronic security, alarm systems and CCTV. Our technicians will go out of their way to ensure the quality of installation meets your needs and our original specification.

We are experienced in working in all types of buildings and property, from homes to offices, industrial to rural, and our installations are neat and tidy, hiding cables and equipment wherever possible.

Communitech’s Services Include:

Home Alarm Systems / Commercial Alarm Systems / CCTV Camera Systems / Door Entry Systems / Video Doorbell Systems / Access Control / Help & Advice / Equipment Sales / Repairs (not equipment) / Maintenance Plans

CCTV and Alarm System Servicing and Maintenance:

Once a CCTV or alarm system is installed, our ongoing support service will ensure it remains in full working order.

We will provide regular, return visits to service and maintain your equipment and can also provide 24/7 response to call-outs and alarm triggers, via a professional alarm monitoring service.

Equipment that is exposed to weather conditions will require ongoing maintenance and support to ensure it functions as expected. The UK’s harsh, winter weather in particular means equipment especially cameras and external sensors will require cleaning, readjusting and maintaining at peak operating performance.

Maintaining Peace of Mind:

Ongoing maintenance will help avoid the potential problems that can occur over time, especially in more challenging conditions such as rural and remote farmland and on working farms.

Electronic equipment occasionally develops glitches or faults that shouldn’t go unchecked. Our maintenance service contract will take care of this for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Insurance Claims:

For CCTV in particular, if the system is adversely affected by weather conditions or develops a fault which renders it impossible to record critical events, your ability to successfully complete an insurance claim may be affected.



London: 0208 660 2174

South East: 01293 226111

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